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G | Dental Dictionary

  • general anesthesia - the use of medication to induce a controlled unconscious state in a patient during treatment, allows reduced or eliminated sensation of pain and reflexive motion
  • gingiva - also called gum tissue, soft tissue that surrounds teeth within the mouth
  • gingivectomy - surgical removal of gum tissue/gingiva
  • gingivitis - stage of periodontal disease where gum tissue is inflamed and/or infected, but the loss of tissues has not occurred
  • graft - surgical addition of natural or synthetic tissue to repair or reinforce tissues with defects or deficiency
  • Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) - an advanced surgical technique used to enhance bone regeneration/regrowth
  • gum recession - shrinkage of gums due to periodontal disease, surgery, or other cause resulting in exposure of teeth roots
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