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General Dentistry

Our dentists provide friendly, gentle care for all your family’s basic dental needs. Our experience with patients of all ages helps us create a calm, comfortable environment for everyone, especially children who may feel nervous about trips to the dentist. You will receive state-of-the-art dental treatment delivered in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our Services

DiBona Dental Group offers a variety of comprehensive services.

Routine Prophylaxis (Cleaning)

Routine professional cleaning is a key to optimal dental health. Many problems that occur could have been prevented with regular cleanings. Our doctors perform an examination after your cleaning in order to identify dental problems before they become serious. 

Diagnostic X-Rays

X-rays can reveal dental decay before a dentist is able to detect it visually in a patient's mouth. Modern dental techniques, such as digital X-ray sensors, require much less radiation than years ago and dental X-rays generally require much less radiation than their medical equivalents. Our staff is fully trained and experienced so that your X-rays are performed safely.

Comprehensive Examination

We pride ourselves on thorough and comfortable dental exams. Our practice knows what to look for in patients of all ages. With a comprehensive exam, we can identify dental decay and gum problems and also check for oral cancer, TMJ dysfunction, and oral signs of many medical diseases.

Composite or White Fillings

Having cavities filled used to mean getting unattractive metal fillings put in your mouth. But times have changed and so has the art of cavity care. Our composite fillings are natural looking and long lasting. Our white fillings (for cosmetic use on upper/lower front teeth) are matched to the original color of your teeth.

Crowns & Bridges

Advances in porcelain technology mean that most dental crowns and bridgework can now look just like natural teeth. Restore your smile with a combination of crowns and bridges to support or replace lost teeth. Crowns completely cover the visible surface of your affected tooth to add strength, durability, and tooth stability, while returning your tooth to its natural shape and size. A bridge (also known as a pontic) is fused between two porcelain crowns to fill the gaps left by the original missing tooth. The new tooth is then anchored to the two porcelain crowns, renewing your smile.

Same Day Dentures

If you have a multi-day restorative procedure that requires teeth extractions, we can provide temporary partial dentures for you so you can maintain your appearance until the restoration is complete.

Gas & Sedation

You are not alone if you feel anxious about a visit to the dentist. We understand and share your concerns and strive to make every dental visit comfortable. If there is anything else we can do, let us know. In addition to topical and local anesthetic, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and twilight sedation are available for those patients who may need a little more. We offer noise-cancelling headphones so you can sit back and relax. The DiBona Dental Group has extensive training in treating nervous patients.

We also provide a variety of other specialty services.

The whole team is courteous and friendly. I highly recommend them!
—Gary C.
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