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F | Dental Dictionary

  • filling - a term commonly used to describe a material such as metal, resin, or porcelain used to restore lost or damaged tooth structure
  • fistula - a boil in the gums, infected with pus
  • fixed denture/prosthesis - prosthetic which is attached to adjacent teeth or dental implants to be non-removable by the patient
  • flap surgery - surgical lifting of the gum tissue in order to expose and clean tooth and bone structures beneath
  • forceps - a tool that may be used in the removal of teeth
  • fracture - crack or break in bone or tooth structure
  • frenectomy - surgical reshaping or removal of a small amount of muscle tissue attaching lips to gums or tongue to mouth floor, generally done to improve function
  • frenulum/frenum - thin muscle tissue that attaches cheek, lip, and/or tongue within the mouth
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