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E | Dental Dictionary

  • edentulous - term meaning "without teeth"
  • enamel - hard tissue exterior of a tooth, covers the dentin
  • endodontics - dental field concerned with care and treatment of tooth pulp and associated areas
  • endodontist - dental specialist focused on treating disease and injuries of the tooth pulp and associated areas
  • epidemiology - the scientific study of disease incidence and prevalence in a population
  • equilibration - reshaping bite surfaces of teeth to correct an imbalance, also known as occlusal adjustment
  • eruption - protrusion of teeth through gums
  • evulsion/avulsion - removal of a tooth from socket due to trauma
  • excision - removal of tissue or bone through surgical means
  • exodontia - dental extraction
  • exostosis - bone overgrowth
  • extraoral - refers to the area outside the oral cavity
  • extracoronal - refers to the area outside the crown of a tooth
  • extraction - removal of a tooth
  • exudate - material containing fluid, cells, and/or debris caused by necrosis or inflammation
  • eyeteeth - common term for cuspid or "canine" teeth
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